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Created in a region where craftsmanship remains a way of life, AYLE merges ancestral knowledge with pre-existing sustainable modes of production. The pieces are slowly designed and in order to reveal the singular skills of these local producers, thus making them highly detailed, unique and full of character.


Our products are carefully handmade and made to order. Yes we take our time, but your unique and numbered piece will arrive safely at your doorstep, assembled and within a few weeks. We have 14 day return policy, warranty and insured shipping to all Europe.*

*If you live outside this zone contact us to obtain transport quote.

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Explore and shop our young but growing collection of tables and cabinets in a range of beautiful materials including marble, solid wood and leather.

2.02 Bar Stool

2.02 Bar Stool

2.01 Chaise Longue

2.01 Chaise Longue


"Our pieces are natural and noble as 35 mm film."

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1.01 desk 35 mm film.jpg
2.01 chaise longue 35 mm film.jpg
1.02 circular coffee table 35 mm film.jpg